Weekly Mowing and Maintenance

Our weekly visits include professional mowing, edging, trimming, minor debris clean up, and weeding

 It is important that mowing is completed at the correct height for the season, with sharpened blades and with rotating patterns.  Our crews are trained to understand when to mow and when not to and whether or not to bag clippings in an effort to maintain the proper amount of thatch in the lawn.

Weekly Mowing and Maintenance

Vertical edging not only looks good but eliminates bare or shallow areas where weeds can prosper.  When trimming areas that aren't accessible with a mower efforts are taken to always maintain a height consistent with the rest of the lawn.  

Sticks, trash and other small debris that can be picked up by hand will be removed from both the lawn, landscaping and hard surfaces in all maintained areas.  Bi-weekly visits in November and December and monthly visits in January, February and March will also include leaf removal from these same areas. 

 All maintained areas other than the lawn will be tended to during each visit in efforts to keep them all weed free.  Each visit will end with a final clean up of all patios, decks, curb areas, walkways and driveways.  It's the small details that display the difference between a property that has been mowed and one that is being professionally maintained. 

Lawn Applications

Green weed free lawns don't happen by accident.

Ongoing treatments are necessary if you desire a quality lawn.  Our basic plan includes two pre-emergent, two post-emergent and one herbicide application for the control of weeds, one application of lime to control the PH levels in your soil and four fertilizations to maintain a deep green color.  Your lawn will be monitored to make sure that each area receives the correct type and amount of chemicals at the right time. 


Fescue seed does not regenerate and therefore it is necessary to apply additional seed each year. Seed planted in the fall can germinate before the winter sets in and develop a strong root system before spring arrives. In addition to using only quality professional blends of seed that have been specially formulated for our area we will also vary the use of full sun or shade varieties as your lawn dictates. 

To enhance this seeding process and improve on the quality of your lawn we will core aerate your lawn before seeding.  Core aeration helps bring buried nutrients to the surface and allow both oxygen and new seed to find it's way into the soil.  We are very proud of the testimonials we have received in reference to the lawns we have established or improved through our practices.


 A properly irrigated lawn and landscape offers a great advantage in accomplishing brighter colors and healthier plants. Irrigation systems do require ongoing maintenance. Improper watering can be as hazardous or even worse than not watering. A thorough inspection and evaluation during your spring start up, before and after temperatures starting rising and a thorough winterization can prevent these damages as well as future repairs. 

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Bed Edging and Mulching

  • Crisp redefined bed edges and a fresh coating of mulch can be the most dramatic change to the look of your property. 
  • Vertical edges are important in maintaining the constant height of the lawn and keeping the mulch in the beds. 
  • Applying the proper amount of mulch early in the spring will also help maintain moisture needed by the plants and prevent some weed growth. 

Hedging and Pruning

 How much do you have invested in plants, shrubs and ornamental trees? Are you familiar with when and how to properly prune, trim or hedge each individual item? Unless this is your career the answer is normally no. This is definitely one area where professional training and timing are of the essence. 

Landscape Design and Installation

We provide landscape design & construction. Each garden we construct is a unique reflection our client's personality relative to their property. This is accomplished through careful listening and observation. We will develop a written plan & follow it accordingly. This is achieved through collaboration with the client, designer our talented, professional crews.The range of the tasks we perform range from a simple, single tree installation to comprehensive, total property transformations