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Lawn Application


Green weed free lawns don't happen by accident.

Ongoing treatments are necessary if you desire a quality lawn.  Our basic plan includes two pre-emergent, two post-emergent and one herbicide application for the control of weeds, one application of lime to control the PH levels in your soil and four fertilizations to maintain a deep green color.  Your lawn will be monitored to make sure that each area receives the correct type and amount of chemicals at the right time. 


Fescue seed does not regenerate and therefore it is necessary to apply additional seed each year. Seed planted in the fall can germinate before the winter sets in and develop a strong root system before spring arrives. In addition to using only quality professional blends of seed that have been specially formulated for our area we will also vary the use of full sun or shade varieties as your lawn dictates. 

To enhance this seeding process and improve on the quality of your lawn we will core aerate your lawn before seeding.  Core aeration helps bring buried nutrients to the surface and allow both oxygen and new seed to find it’s way into the soil.  We are very proud of the testimonials we have received in reference to the lawns we have established or improved through our practices.

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